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Feature Requests, Suggestions

Display project in calendar? (1)
File attachments Web versus Desktop (2)
APP Upgrade (visual tasks) (1)
Pleace make it possible to drag tasks in all calendar views (2)
Order Tasks as You Please (2)
Holidays calendar - Option to sent our weekly holidays and festivals (2)
Creation of multiple team owners and teams (4)
Bring back search function inside project (3)
Create desktop app (2)
Mobile: show events in project (3)
"Drag and drop" on app (1)
Categorize colors (3)
Numbered Subtasks (1)
Weekly Calendar View (2)
Google calendar colors/views (3)
More options on repeating a task (1)
Calendar bug?/enhancement (1)
History On Mobile Apps (1)
Access to Private Tasks to a Team Owner while generating Reports (1)
Report Generation for Individual Team Member (1)
Title of the projects along with overdue tasks (2)
Hierarchy adjustments with Drag and Drop (1)
Progress report sorting (1)
Splitting Projects and tasks into two columns would be great (2)
Project History and Comments (2)
Starred Icon Only Accessible via Modify (7)
Bulk/Multiple item Changes? (1)
Icon indicating note (1)
2-way syncing with Outlook.com calendar (3)
Sort importance by color (1)