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Feature Requests, Suggestions

Filter by Team Member - Please Add (2)
Dash board look like ipade and one step further (1)
Many sub task entry option like main task (1)
Task entry through excel sheet (1)
Recurring Tasks (1)
Looking for updates (1)
Filter item type (1)
Zoom in calendar view (1)
Autocomplete when adding tasks (1)
Task Dependencies (3)
Dragging tasks onto the calendar now sets it as full a day task (3)
Filter tp Starred items only on Mobile App (2)
Manually Input Progress by Percent (2)
Time Log Details Include Time In & Time Out (1)
Calendar Filter by Project (1)
Allow Archiving within Mobile App (2)
Exclude undated tasks from "Today" tab (1)
Proposal to improve archiving of completed tasks (5)
Subtasks feature (4)
Enhanced reporting (3)