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Getting Started
Account Subscription and Billing
Sync Data With Other Apps Sync data with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook. Data import and Export.
Profile and Account Settings
Team Collaboration
Reports and Printing
Working with Projects How to create and modify projects, organize tasks into projects.
Working with Tasks

Importing or Adding Multiple Tasks All at Once [Working with Tasks] (4)
Change Project Order [Working with Projects] (2)
Creating A Ticket From A Form Submission [Working with Tasks] (1)
Adding and Removing Team Members [Team Collaboration] (2)
Reminders not working [Notifications] (1)
Sync iCal when hitask account is connected to google account [Sync Data With Other Apps] (1)
Is a cancel trial page nonexistent [Account Subscription and Billing] (1)
Generating Time Reports [Reports and Printing] (3)
Syncing with Microsoft Outlook [Sync Data With Other Apps] (2)
Configuring Date and Time Preferences [Profile and Account Settings] (3)
Switch Task to Event? [Working with Tasks] (2)
Calendars and tasks [Working with Tasks] (2)
Creating Project Templates [Working with Projects] (2)
Getting Started with Tasks [Working with Tasks] (4)
How to be notified you about team mates tasks [Notifications] (1)
Adding HiTask to your Calendar on Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or Previous Releases [Sync Data With Other Apps] (1)
Adding hiTask to the calendar on a iOS device (iPhone, iPad) [Sync Data With Other Apps] (1)
Assigning tasks with permissions [Team Collaboration] (1)
Share, Assign, Participants, what is the difference? [Getting Started] (1)
Team Account FAQ [Team Collaboration] (1)
Time and Progress Tracking [Working with Tasks] (1)
Sharing Items and Projects with your Team [Team Collaboration] (1)
Monitoring Team Activity [Team Collaboration] (1)
Creating and Assigning Tasks via Email [Working with Tasks] (1)
Productivity Features [Getting Started] (1)
General hiTask FAQ [Getting Started] (1)
Working with Tasks FAQ [Working with Tasks] (1)
Changing the hiTask Account User Name, Email Address and/or Password [Profile and Account Settings] (1)
Changing the Account Language [Profile and Account Settings] (1)
Renewing Your Subscription [Account Subscription and Billing] (1)