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Help and User Guides

Renewing Your Subscription [Account Subscription and Billing] (1)
Removing, Archiving and Restoring Projects [Working with Projects] (1)
Chatting with your Team [Team Collaboration] (1)
The hiTask Developer API [Sync Data With Other Apps] (2)
Adding Contacts [Getting Started] (1)
Adding An Event [Getting Started] (1)
Uploading Standalone Files [Getting Started] (1)
Creating a Note [Getting Started] (1)
Adding and Modifying Items in hiTask [Getting Started] (1)
Generating Progress Reports [Reports and Printing] (1)
Generating Reports for a Single Project [Reports and Printing] (1)
Generating Assigned Tasks Reports [Reports and Printing] (1)
Printing with hiTask [Reports and Printing] (1)
Accepted Payment Methods [Account Subscription and Billing] (1)
Getting an Invoice for hiTask Subscription Payments [Account Subscription and Billing] (1)
Troubleshooting Email Confirmation Issues [Profile and Account Settings] (1)
About Data Security with hiTask [Profile and Account Settings] (1)
Actions that Trigger Notifications [Notifications] (1)
Configuring Notification Preferences [Notifications] (1)
Assigning Tasks to Your Team Members [Team Collaboration] (1)
Adding a Project [Working with Projects] (1)
Grouping and Filtering Projects [Working with Projects] (1)
Adding hiTask to your Mozilla Thunderbird Calendar [Sync Data With Other Apps] (1)
Removing Outlook Sync [Sync Data With Other Apps] (1)
Exporting data to a CSV or Excel file [Sync Data With Other Apps] (1)
Organizing Tasks in Hierarchies - Adding Sub-tasks [Working with Tasks] (1)
Completing and Removing Tasks / Items [Working with Tasks] (1)
Using Tags to Categorize Tasks/Items [Working with Tasks] (1)
Formatting Tasks/Items Text with Styles [Working with Tasks] (1)
No sound is played when a reminder pops up or when going to Alarm Settings [Notifications] (1)