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Reports and Printing Overview

With hiTask, not only can you keep track of your to-do list, but you can also create comprehensive reports on your activity. These help you gain insight into how efficiently your Tasks and Projects get completed, the ti…

2 June 29, 2016
Understanding hiTask Pricing 1 June 27, 2016
Forgot Password / Login Troubleshooting 1 June 21, 2016
Declined Credit Card Payment 1 June 27, 2016
Joining a hiTask Team 3 June 22, 2016
Troubleshooting “Email address is already in use” 3 June 21, 2016
About App and Desktop Notifications 1 June 21, 2016
Notifications Are No Longer Received After Changing the hiTask Account Email Address 1 June 21, 2016
Viewing Overdue Items 1 June 20, 2016
Getting Started with hiTask

hiTask is the easy way to manage your to-do list. There are four major components within hiTask: Tasks, Event, Notes and Files (altogether referred to as items). Here is how you can get started: Create Your First Pro…

3 June 20, 2016
How can I expand or collapse (minimize) all Projects or groups at once

To collapse or expand all Projects or groups, press Shift- or Alt- while clicking on any project or group. This works on Projects, Team and Date tabs.

4 May 16, 2016
Restore archived projects works fine? 2 April 9, 2016
Undelete tasks... is it possible? 2 April 7, 2016
Syncing with Google Calendar

How to Sync? To Sync with Google Calendar simply click the Sync menu button at the top of your screen and select the Google Calendar submenu. You will be asked to authorize your Google account, and that's it! An err…

2 January 25, 2016
Adding HiTask to the Calendar on Mac OS X Mavericks or Later

Note: Please check the guide on adding hiTask to your Calendar on Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or previous releases if you are using one of these Mac OS X versions. Working from the Calendar application on the Mac, s…

2 January 25, 2016
Synchronize with Calendar Apps on Your Computer or Mobile Device

You can synchronize your hiTask account with calendar apps on your desktop or mobile device. hiTask provides your calendar feed with the industry-standard CalDav protocol. Applications that support this protocol includ…

2 January 25, 2016
Attach Files to Your Tasks

hiTask allows you to easily attach files to tasks and projects. To attach a file to a task, simply expand the task, click More Actions and select Attach file: [image] Next, select the Attach file link to browse yo…

2 January 25, 2016
Task/Item Grouping Options

The tabs at the top of your screen represent different views, which you can use to group your hiTask items. Click on the view tabs to see your tasks from different perspectives: [image] 1. Today The items in this v…

2 January 25, 2016
Team account User Licenses

A Team Business account is a group account. One person buys a Team Business subscription and invites others to join. A Team account comes with a minimum of 5 user licenses. You may choose to have more user licenses rig…

2 January 25, 2016
The Advantages of a Team or Premium Account Compared to a Personal Account 3 June 15, 2016
Managing Your Privacy with a Team Account

A Team account does not make it necessary to share everything with your team members. You and your team members can still have private items, that are not accessible to anyone else. To keep an item private, just don'…

2 January 25, 2016