Account upgrade

I have an old free personal account that I want to upgrade to a free team account because it won’t let me add any more tasks. It tells me I need to upgrade but when I click on the upgrade button it tells me that I cannot upgrade. I have tried to click on the “sign up” button on the page with all the plans but then it just brings me back to my old account. How do I get a team plan and move my old info over?

I experienced the same thing but with the Free Team account. Even though the pricing page says that there are unlimited tasks, I got a pop up telling me I had reached my limit for tasks. I ended up having to create a new account altogether and sign up for a paid account.

Hi there, Hitask users!
In new web application located here: you’re not able to Upgrade Personal account.
You can open old web application at: and Upgrade form Settings-My account.
This was made due to changing of our plans - now nobody is able to create Personal account - we provide only Team accounts. But that workaround should work for you. Or you can terminate your existing account and create new. Choose the way is the best for you, but remember - Personal accounts are now history here at Hitask

Volodya from Hitask