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Actions that Trigger Notifications

(Hitask Help) #1

Email and/or app push notifications are sent to the assignee, the creator of or the participants to a task, event or note when any of these changes is made:

  • The item is completed
  • The item is modified
  • A file is attached to the item
  • A comment is added

For instance, you will receive a notification when:

  • Someone assigns an item to you
  • An item is assigned to you and someone makes a comment to it.
  • An item that you created and assigned to someone else is completed.

Notifications are not sent:

  • To team members who are not involved in an item
  • When you take an action related to items that concern you. For example if you make a comment to a task assigned to you, you will not receive a notification.
  • If you have disabled notifications in your Account Settings.
  • If you have not confirmed your email address after registration or an email address change.

An Assignee is a person to whom an item is assigned.
A Participant is a person who is added to the Participants drop down of an item.
The Creator is the person who created the item in hiTask.