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Adding a Project

(Hitask Help) #1

Projects are one of the building blocks of hiTask and act as a container for all of your items: tasks, events, notes and files. It is not mandatory to include your items into a Project; however doing so will help you better organize your hiTask. There are two ways to start creating a new Project:

By adding a new item - simply select the Create new project… option from under the Project dropdown.

By using the Project view tab at the top of your hiTask screen -
where all you need to do is click Add Project. <img src="//hitask-community.s3.amazonaws.com/original/1X/82fbdbf96ad03f9193cc7415c8e7de5548e9b626.png" width=“690” heighstrong textt=“202”>

Regardless of the first step you take (one of the above), hiTask will take you to the Add Project window. This is where you can easily configure your Project’s details:

  1. Enter your Project title.

  2. Enter your Project description. Add as many details as you need to make things easier for you later on. Click the text formatting help link to see how you can use HTML / Markdown to style your text.

  3. Add a Color Label to help visually categorize your Projects. You can categorize them by type (personal and work related), by topic or however you see fit.

  4. Add a Start Date - use the calendar and time tools to select your desired date/time or type it in using this format: DD-MM-YYYY.

  5. Add a Due Date - Just like above, use the calendar and time tools to select your desired date/time or type it in using this format: DD-MM-YYYY.

  6. Share your Project - By default, your Project will be Private; however you can use the drop down to choose from any other members of your hiTask team and set permissions. This is also where you can remove someone from your sharing list.

    • View and Comment: Users will see the task or project in their hiTask account, they will be able to view the task details and add comments. They will not be able to do anything else with the task, such as to complete, modify or reassign it.

    • Complete and Assign: Users will see the task, will be able to mark it as completed or un-completed. Users will be able to use Time tracking to log time spent on this task. They will be able to assign it back to you or to anyone else who can see the task.

    • Modify: Users will be able to modify the title, description, dates and other properties.

    • Everything: Users will be able to do everything, including to Delete and Archive it. Users with the Everything permission are also able to change sharing and permissions.

  7. When you are ready, click the Add button and your project is created.

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