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Android attachment question

(Max) #1
  1. when the conductor opened to attach files is not possible to see a preview of the image. It is very uncomfortable. Can I use standard android`s explorer for download?

Task Dependencies
(Max) #2
  1. Can we create multiple attachment file in android app ?

(artem.kalachyan) #3

Hello. Thanks for question. It’s a mess, but you can do it for now, because file chooser is universal for every file type. But we are going to change this in the future releases.

(Max) #4

Artem , hello

Is there any news about multiple attachment file in android app and about a preview of the image ?
Тhank you in advance

(artem.kalachyan) #5

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. We have just released beta of the next major update. It uses system file pickers like gallery, hence it has images preview. Opt-in here to try it out: Android Beta and please let us know your feedback. Unfortunately, multiple files attaching isn’t supported yet.