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Assigning Tasks to Your Team Members

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When you add or modify a task, you can easily assign it to a member of your team by selecting the desired person in the Assign to drop down. Make sure to save your changes to the task to confirm your assignment.

##Assigning a task to multiple participants

Sometimes you need more than one person to participate in a task. To do that. you can add Participants using the list found right below the Assignee.

Participants will be listed onto the task and will receive email notifications about task updates.

Note: For higher team efficiency, avoid removing the primary assignee from a task. Without the primary assignee, your team may not know who should take over primary responsibility for the completion of the task

##The difference between sharing with the Complete/Assign permission and assigning a task directly

You can share with the Complete/Assign permission without assigning the task to anyone in particular. Thus making it possible for anyone to complete or assign it to someone else.

Alternatively, if you add a person as the assignee, they become personally responsible for the task.

Participants are fully involved in a task and receive notifications about task changes, just as the task initiator or assignee do.

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