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Attach Files to Your Tasks

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hiTask allows you to easily attach files to tasks and projects.

To attach a file to a task, simply expand the task, click More Actions and select Attach file:

Next, select the Attach file link to browse your computer for the desired file, or drag and drop the file onto your hiTask window.

The attached file can later be deleted or detached. To do that, simply click Modify next to the file:

In addition to attachments, you can upload standalone files that will appear alongside tasks and projects. This way, you can manage files in the same way you manage tasks: hiTask makes it possible to assign, move to projects, and so on.

With a Business account, files can be shared the same way you share tasks and projects.

To upload a file, simply click Enter item name, as you would when you create a new task, then select the File button:

Click on the Select file to upload button. You may enter a file comment and change properties; assignment, sharing, tags, etc. Read more about how to do this, in the dedicated tutorial! Click “Upload!” to upload your file.

Use Drag-n-drop to upload

hiTask supports drag-n-drop everywhere and file uploads are no exception. With modern browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, you can drag files into the browser window to attach them to a task or to upload them as standalone files.To attach files using drag-n-drop, expand the task you want to attach a file to, and drag the files into your browser window. hiTask will show you where you can drop the file to upload it. Uploading standalone files works the same way: click to create a new file and then drag your file into that area. Remember that this will work only in modern HTML5 browsers. If your browser supports drag-n-drop, you will see the prompt “drop files here” when you attach or create the file.

It’s secure!

Your files are safe. Files are stored on a secure server and accessed only through an HTTPS/SSL secure connection. Files can be accessed only by you or the people you share them with.

Your file storage quota

Your storage quota depends on the type of account you have subscribed for:

Team account

2.5 GB of file storage per user license. This means that if you have 5 user licenses in your account you have 12.5 GB of storage. All team account members share the same storage quota: files uploaded by any team member will use up the common quota for the team account. You can request a storage space increase at any time for free!

Personal Free and Premium accounts

Free accounts provide 100 MB of file storage. For more storage, please upgrade to a Premium or Team account.
Premium accounts come with 1GB of file storage.

With the Personal Free account, you can attach files only to a task that you created yourself. To be able to attach files to assigned tasks, please sign up for a Team account.

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