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Calendar view in iOS NOT WORKING

(Brazilian ProfessionalsNE) #1

In the iOS app click calendar view displays NOTHING , I have to click all items to see what’s going on.

If I go to the website calendar view works correctly

(Roman Roan) #2

Sorry about the problem. What do you mean - Nothing? Is calendar grid days displayed, or it’s a completely blank screen?

(Greg Hurtault) #3

I’m having the exact issue as well.

I have tasks / events created for any particular day and when I look at the calendar view, there’s nothing shown.

When I look at “all items” I can see the task / event listed. The same thing happens when I look at “today” as well.

(Greg Hurtault) #4

Was this “issue” ever looked at or resolved?

(Roman Roan) #5

Hello Greg,
If you still experience the issue, Can you please contact us using feedback menu in app and provide more details: what kind of tasks do you create, are those with date and time, recurring?
Thank you.