Categorize colors


I´ll find very usefull if the colors could be categorized. In my brain, I may think that “Red” is very urgent or prioritary, but that´s a totally subjective assumption. Maybe red is a very clear example, what about “Purple” or “Grey”? What´s the meaning for that?

It could be great if the colors could be categorized with a name, so that all the team knows exactly the name for that category.
Two places to be implemented:

  • In the “Color” superior tab: where all the tasks with a color appear on each color box. Giving a name to each box will be great to identify each color group.
  • When creating or editing a task: whenever you want to assign a color to a task, show a tooltip on each color that has a description assigned to it.

Thanks for your time.

I agree with this request. I would also like to name the colors and possibly have more colors available.

I would also like to see this feature.