Configuring Date and Time Preferences

To change your hiTask Date and Time preferences, simply go to your Account Settings at the top right of your Dashboard, then select the Display Tab.

Date Preferences:

  • Start Day - Choose any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday
  • Date Format - Choose any combination of date formats containing day, month and year, using either “-” or “/” separators.

Time Preferences

  • Time format - Choose between a 12h or 24h time format.
  • Time zone - Select your local time zone.

To change your hi

Hit Save when you are ready to apply your changes.

Hi, On 7-Aug-2018 at 12:22+10, my Hitask display preferences does not show the “Time zone” box.

The timezone is one hour off and I’d like to set it.

Does anyone have an ideas?

The timezone is now detected from your computer’s time zone