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Configuring Date and Time Preferences


(Hitask Help) #1

To change your hiTask Date and Time preferences, simply go to your Account Settings at the top right of your Dashboard, then select the Display Tab.

Date Preferences:

  • Start Day - Choose any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday
  • Date Format - Choose any combination of date formats containing day, month and year, using either “-” or “/” separators.

Time Preferences

  • Time format - Choose between a 12h or 24h time format.
  • Time zone - Select your local time zone.

To change your hi

Hit Save when you are ready to apply your changes.

(Jarrod Chesney) #2

Hi, On 7-Aug-2018 at 12:22+10, my Hitask display preferences does not show the “Time zone” box.

The timezone is one hour off and I’d like to set it.

Does anyone have an ideas?

(Roman Roan) #3

The timezone is now detected from your computer’s time zone