Creating Project Templates

When you need to routinely create the same project structure with the same tasks, simply create an archived copy of a project and clone it every time when you need to create a new project with such a structure.

Creating a project template is easy with hiTask:

Create a project with tasks that you will be using as a template, then archive the whole project.

  1. Select the Projects view in your Dashboard.
  2. Expand the desired Project
  3. Click Remove/Archive
  4. Select Move to Archive.

    This project is now your template.

Next time you need to create a project from the template, go to your Archive and expand the project. Select Restore copy. This will create a new project that is a copy of the template.

If you want to use an active project as a template:

  1. Duplicate the project. To do this expand the project and select Duplicate from the Project’s menu, then imply click Duplicate Project and Tasks to finalize…

  2. In the Project menu, select Remove>Archive to archive it. Every time you need to create a new project from that template, go to your Archive and select Restore Copy for that project.