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Creation of multiple team owners and teams


(Sachiin Jain) #1


Within a single account subscription I would like to create multiple team owners handling their respective teams.

This may be implemented as

1 Add all participants under a single master team.

  1. Create sub-teams under it by tagging team members to it. A participant can be attached to more than 1 sub-team.

  2. Assign an owner for each individual sub-team.

  3. The owners have rights to reports for their sub-teams.

(Roman Roan) #2

Thank you for the feedback.
We plan to add functionalities for teams or groups creation.
However the reports function will not be limited to some users, anyone can still run reports on all users or any group.

(Michael Cohn) #3

When will this feature be available? This would be very useful for my company as currently we use Projects to separate teams and are forced to use tasks and subtasks where we should be using Projects. It makes for very clunky reporting.

(Roman Roan) #4

Hello Michael,

This is in our roadmap as well as adding ability to have projects with sub-projects and organizing projects under Clients.

I can’t give you the date yet, sorry.