Desperate need of help

Hi this is Justin I have been using Hitask for many years now just recently every entry I put it in Has been disappearing I completely run my business of this and rely on it 100% I don’t know what to do I might be forced to leave and find another application I really like the program I need someone to help me with this problem

I have many team members it doesn’t matter what we do I put an entry in it disappears in about an hour I don’t understand why it’s happening

I have sent many emails to the Hitask support team spoken to Roman either he doesn’t care or he hasn’t seen my emails but I’ve sent quite a lot a lot

Same problem here… do you have a suggestion of another app we could use?


We had problems with the service few hours that caused some tasks not to be saved when network connection was disrupted. We fixed the issue and now it is back to normal.
We are very sorry about the trouble and making sure it will not happen again.

[Problem- Doesn’t sync with google calendar]
Hi team Hitask,

I’m new member and have been using it for months. I wanted to integrate my google calendar, but it said internal error and don’t sync.However, I have another account with another gmail and it work. Can you help me please?