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Filter by Team Member - Please Add



Can you please add to the “Filter” drop-downs, an option to filter by Team Member?

While I can see all my team members in “Team” view, I don’t always want to see all of them, maybe just the people who I am specifically supervising, or maybe there are some people I don’t need to view their tasks very often, only sometimes. Would be perfect to have a pull-down where you could select only the team members that you want to see. Might be one, or might be 5, but on a team like ours with 14 people on it, Hi-Task gets very bogged down, unresponsive and slow to load with all the tasks from all the users. If I could filter out (for example) one user who has 400 open tasks, or another user with 50 open tasks, neither of which I directly supervise so while I do need to see their tasks sometimes, I don’t need to see them on a regular basis, the whole system would work so much better for not only me but all the other users.

I see you implemented this option in Calendar view which was great, but if you could implement the same option for the other views, it would be perfect.

(Roman Roan) #2

Thank you for the feedback.
We have plans for more extensive filter menu that will include filtering by team member.