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Generating Assigned Tasks Reports

(Hitask Help) #1

This report shows assigned items grouped by assignee. To generate it, simply click Reports at the top of your Dashboard and select the Assigned Tasks Report.

The report comes with the following options:

  1. Select a format - The available formats are: HTML, Excel and PDF.
  2. Choose whether to include task descriptions.
  3. Choose whether to include completed items.
  4. Choose whether to include the title of the parent project to which the item belongs.
  5. Select an order: by priority, alphabetically or by the time when items have been last modified.

That’s it! Click Generate to run your report. It will be similar to the example below:

Note: The reports open in a new browser window or tab. Please make sure you do not have any browser setting or add-on that might prevent hiTask from opening pop-up windows.