Google calendar colors/views

Is it possible to have no only events from my Google calendar sync here but also the assigned colors? I'm such a color coding freak that having events in different colors than I'm used is a real distraction.

Even if we can set them manually for each sync'd calendar that would be good.

Would also be nice if I could toggle between seeing just tasks, just appointment and both. THAT would be cool. Having both appointments and tasks showing is just too cluttered but I do like not having to bounce between browser tabs.

And along these same lines…
I’d love to see more versatility on the Today tab. I love the monthly & daily schedule on the left pane, but having appointments over there AND in the task pane is redundant. This is especially troublesome when syncing with Google.I end up with so many items in my Task list that I don’t know what in the world I’m supposed to be doing!

My philosophy (from Getting Things Done, I believe) is that calendars are for appointments and task lists are for tasks.
So I’d rather not see events on the right Task pane. Instead I’d love to see 3 sections:

  • Tasks due today
  • Any task that has a start day of today or earlier
  • Completed tasks

Then over on the calendar tab, I’d love to be able to change views as mentioned in my original post. That way I can see an overview of what tasks I’m working on, and if desired also see an overlay of appointments.

Hope I don’t sound too critical…I really am enjoying your product! Nice job! Just suggesting some refinements to help take it to the next level.

Thanks for all your work on this!

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I would also like to see more ability to change/sort/filter the calendar views. Like a filter feature to view the calendar with only particular color, tag, event versus task, etc. And a printable view would be excellent.