Hitask Update 7.3

:new: :point_right: New: Much Improved Search!

  • Persistent search results tab: You can leave search and come back.

  • Search results tab automatically updates in background.

  • Search now works in all task’s properties.

  • Search highlights matching text in item titles, codes, tags, descriptions.

  • Updated navigation bar styles, reorganised menus.

:new: :point_right: New: Notes for Clients!

  • Add Client contact details or any other notes you find useful.

  • Client notes displayed when you navigate into Clients in the same way as Project notes.


Feb 18, 2020

:new: New Features

  • Project progress indicator.

  • Improved accessibility of item form: navigate between input fields using Tab key.

  • “Share Link” function added to Clients. Share link with external users, clients.

  • Added notifications when item is archived or deleted.

:wrench: Bug Fixes

  • Show invoices history in cancelled accounts.

  • Scrollbars inside inputs and chat sidebar.


Feb 05, 2020

New Features

  • You can now add multiple sub-tasks quickly!

  • Ability to create Clients in Project form.

  • Added filtering projects by Client on projects tab.

  • Ability to select client in parent item selector of item form.

  • Support for Clients in Archive.

  • Comments are now displayed in activity feed.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow DnD files to item from in project, client, assignee and color groups.

  • Opening edit form for subitem.

  • Opening project with parent client by shareable link.