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Importing or Adding Multiple Tasks All at Once


(Hitask Help) #1

When you have to add a lot of tasks to your hiTask, it’s much easier to add them in bulk. You can do this by using the Many Tasks feature and add a .CSV file or simply list your tasks in this section.

How to import tasks

First, export tasks from wherever you have them, into a comma-separated format (.CSV) file. If a comma-separated format is not possible, you can export tasks to a text file, making sure that you list one task on each line, with the following comma-separated fields:

Title, Start Date, End Date, Description

The following date formats are allowed:

y-m-d, y/m/d, m-d-y, m/d/y, d-m-y, d/m/y


2013-10-14, 2013/10/14, 10-14-2013, 10/14/2013, 14-10-2013, 14/10/2013

You need to have a title to create a task, all other fields are optional. If you have the title and description, but not a start date or end date, enter commas after the title like this:


Copy the text from your file to the clipboard: Simply open the file, use Select All and Copy.

Click the Enter item name field, then select the Many Tasks tab in your item types list. Next, simply paste a .CSV file in the box or enter your task list - which you have created as shown above.

(Amit P) #2

Hi, I am trying to create a task using ‘Many Tasks’ option. Here is what I enter in the box:

It is still giving an error:
Something doesn’t look right? Click here to go back and change it.

Please suggest, the right format to create bulk tasks

(Roman Roan) #3

That is not an error. This means that you can go back if you want to review it. Otherwise if it looks good click Proceed and have your tasks created.

(Amit P) #4

Ahh…Got it. Thanks !!