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Instructions for translators


(Roman Roan) #1

1. Get to know the product.

On https://Hitask.com website click Free sign up to create a free account. Familiarize yourself with the product.

  • Create tasks, modify tasks.
  • Click on all tabs.
  • Open all menus at the top of screen
  • Open Settings page and click all tabs

2. Translation:

  • Translation is performed on site https://translate.hitask.com
  • You must register an account with your name and email address. Translate only when you log in under your account.
  • There may be already translated texts. You need to review all existing texts as well and update them if needed.

2.1 Special symbols

  • Symbols like %s must t be preserved exactly in same way in translation
  • HTML Markup elements like <br> must be preserved

2.2 Translation components


Web application (webapp)

Android app

iOS App

2.3 Non-translatable terms

These are written in English and not translated

  • Name of product: Hitask
  • Name of subscriptions: “Team Free”, "Team Business”, “Personal Premium”

2.4 Adding language (if needed)

When your language is not present in list, Use Tools > Start New Translation to create your language:

You will need to select appropriate language locale. Please message us to confirm before creating a language.

2.5 Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

Press Ctrl-Enter to save translation and open next.

2.6 Use machine translation for ideas

There’s a “Machine Translation” button below.

It’s useful to get started with particular text. Sometimes it can be used entirely.

3. Translation review.

After you complete with translation we will need you to review translation integrated in to website and app.

  1. When translation complete send us a message.
  2. We will deploy your translation to the test site and will send you a link to review.
  3. You will review translation online and in apps.
  4. Make any necessary changes and adjustments.

We may go through review phase few times if needed.