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Looking for updates

(Zahoor Ahmad) #1

1- interface - splits screen in three portions, first main menu exactly same like Ipade, just add filter options, especially tags.
second portion same like Ipade,task view.
Third, highlighted task history and details. Quick update option should around as well.

2- tag- very important which is weaker at the moment in this powerful system.there should be three or four tags option and filters and most important reporting should be available. One tag for source, one tag for location, one for sale/marketing person, it’s separate from task assigned person. One for mis.
3-tasks dragging into specific date and time
4- sub tasks, multi entry option with tags.currently not available.
5- last comments view just the main in different color. New bold option is really good but to see the last comments , you have do click one more click to open on the specific window and one click closing the window. And if you want add any comments below the last update option should.
6- reports should have more options, for example there are 20 projects and u want report for 13 specific only l, currently I think it’s not available. Same thing with tags. There should be filter option. Currently we have very limited.
7- sub tasks should be linked with main task report history.
8- apps also have tag option. When we are traveling or outside the office in that hiTask apps offered very limited options.
9- project head person name should be there. And accordingly there be filters options. I mean in a company always more than one marketing/ sales managers. They have separate projects and every project should have separate name options. Similar note should apply on tasks. As mentioned above already.
10- email notification of tasks assignment and reminder notifications for delay or change. There be two options one attentional and automatic.

11- task dragging and dropping from one project to other, it will be really handy. I know we can change from changing project name.
12- task import from excel sheet with all major features ,title, details, s date, e date, project, assign to, participants,tag one, tag two, tag 3, tag 4, task head name(sales/marketing)

I believe that with all above updates, hiTask will be more power app.