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More options on repeating a task

(Iñigo Fernández) #1


I´ve been doing a quick search and haven´t found anything regarding this topis. I apologise if I´m repeating something.
I think that the options for repeating a task could be improved, giving the user more accuracy on it. For example, things that I find useful to do in a task manager software:

  • Schedule a task for the first monday of each month. Example: reports, meetings, payments.
  • Exclude specific days of the week from a daily task. Example: if it´s a task that I plan to do every day at work, I want to exclude the days that I´m not working.

You can take the idea from Microsoft Outlook, which is intuitive and easy to program a recurring task.

Thanks for your time and keep doing such an amazing work. Among many of the task manager softwares that I´ve tried, Hitask suits my need perfectly.