Need Help: Best Practices for Using Hitask with a Small Team?

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently started using Hitask with my small team of five. Currently we are looking for ways to optimize our workflow. We are new to the platform and eager to want some advice on best practices. We want to know about:

  • How to efficiently assign and track tasks among team members ?
  • What are the best ways to structure projects and tasks for clarity and productivity ?
  • Does anyone primarily use Hitask for all team communication or does combine it with other tools ?
  • Any tips on using Hitask to improve time management and meet deadlines ?

I have gone through this thread: but couldn’t get helpul information. Please provide some suggestions on it.

We are very excited to hear about your experiences and any tips you can share. Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello Marcos,

There’s as many ways to organise as there are teams out there.
If you can give any specifics about that kind of goals and work your team has, and what have you tried so far, we will be able to give you advice.