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NEW FEATURE: Unique Numbers for Tasks


(Roman Roan) #1

Having unique numbers attached to tasks is a best practice commonly used in support ticketing and issue tracking workflows. Referencing the tasks by their unique numbers makes it easy to communicate and avoid misunderstandings with customers, employees, and contractors, both internally and remote. You can also use unique number tracking when referencing tasks for your external systems and email correspondence.

The unique task number appears next to the task title, and it also appears in emails and reports:

With unique task number, you can also add a short project name as a prefix label to the task number. This will make it easy to identify which project the task belongs to. You can add your short project name as a prefix when when you create or edit a project.

To use this feature in your Hitask Team Account, go to your Account Settings and then click on the Task Preferences tab. Then, click to enable the feature:

Enabling this feature will allow you to use Hitask more effectively for ticket and issue tracking.

(Marc Carriere) #2

Would be great if you could also Filter and Search this new column.


Need to be able to search by unique ticket number. for example i want a colleague to look at number #159 at the moment this is not possible

(Roman Roan) #4

Thank you for the feedback. We will add search by number in the near future.

(Roman Roan) #5

Search by number is now available.