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Organizing Tasks in Hierarchies - Adding Sub-tasks

(Hitask Help) #1

hiTask allows you to organize your tasks in hierarchies and add sub-tasks that help narrow your complex tasks down to sub-tasks that help make your completion process more efficient.

To create a sub-task:

  1. First, click your main task to expand it. If you need help creating tasks, please see the dedicated guide on Getting Started with Tasks.
  2. Click the More actions button.
  3. Select Add Sub Task - Now, you can add a sub-task the same way you would add a main task.

Note: When adding a sub-task, you will not need to set your sharing preferences and the project to which the sub-task is included. The Project and the Sharing settings will be the same ones you set for the main task.

You can also arrange your hierarchy by using the drag-n-drop feature. Simply drag one item on top of another and you will be prompted to make it a child of another item
<img src="//hitask-community.s3.amazonaws.com/original/1X/55a75af15e006ecaca8a608430c10a829aa36d70.png" width=“626” height=“500”

##Viewing Sub-Tasks

Tasks that include sub-tasks will have an arrow to their left. Simply click it to reveal the sub-tasks.

Notice that the sub-tasks are more indented than the main task.