Problem with Desktop APP of HiTask (Windows0

I have used HiTask for the third day but see this error?

And now the error becomes

For my IOS got this error

What’s the problem? I have use it only 3 days. Why so unstable?

Hi there!
This issue means our servers are chilling out. Thanks to your feedback we’re improving our infrastructure and keeping back to the finest conditions ASAP.
I hope, that day weren’t top priority tasks in your Team (hm, not only in your, but in all Hitask Team account).
We’re very appreciated by your patience!

Looks, like some Item was assigned to you with level, that doesn’t allows you to edit it. Please, ask Creator of the Item set permissions, that will fit your needs here at Hitask!


I suppose, you’ve opened Hitask iOS app from the locked screen? We’ve fixed this issue, as I know, and for now it must be not reproducible. In any case - feel free to chat with us here and we’ll provide you high quality top priority Hitask Support

We care