Productivity Features

##Keyboard Shortcuts

Using shortcuts, you can quickly perform various operations without your hands ever leaving the keyboard. For example, press the n key on your keyboard. You will be taken to the Add task mode. Simply start typing the title. Press Enter to add the task or press Tab to add more information.

Key ←Action
n ← Add new item
Tab → Switch to next tab
Ctrl ← Switch to previous tab
m ← Group by My View
d ← Group by Date
p ← Group by Project
e ← Group by Team
f or s ← Open search box
a ← Add project (when grouped by Project)
c ← Mark completed
h ← Open history of currently selected item
Delete ← Delete selected item
Enter or o ← Open selected item for editing
Ctrl-S ← Save item (when editing)
Esc ← Cancel editing

##Automatically create Tags and Projects

You can associate tasks with projects and create new tags when typing in the Task Title field, which means fewer clicks for you!

Tags: Add the hash mark ‘#’ before a word that you want to associate the task with. If there is no existing tag, a new one will be created.
Projects: To add a task to an existing project, add the ‘@’ mark and the project name within the Task Title.

You may also email tasks with projects, dates and tags. Simply specify your project name and/or tags and/or date at the end of your email subject.


*     Update user guide @Documentation
*     Update user guide #tag1 #tag2
*     Update user guide at 2015-07-23
*     Update user guide at 12-10-13 11:23 #tag @Documentation

##Automatically fill Date and Time fields

You can automate certain information when typing in the Task Title field. Dates and times can all be designated in the Item Title, which means fewer clicks for you!

For example, if you enter “Today 8am” in the Title , your task will be automatically set to 8am!

  • Time Formats: 8am, 8pm, 08:00, 20:00
  • Date Formats: Today, Tomorrow, Next Week (begins on the Monday of the next week), July 6, Jul 6
  • Date and Time Combinations: 18:30 August 6, Tomorrow 4pm, 09:30 Next Week, 10pm Today

Note: Be sure to leave out any articles (a, an, the) between your dates and times.

Sending files by email to your hiTask account

Sometimes it’s more convenient to forward files by email rather than uploading them by hand.
You can easily upload files to your hiTask account by email.

Simply send an email to [your account], where [your account] is your hiTask login name. For example, if you use joe as your login then you should send the task to

Any attachments to the email will be added to your account as new files. If the email message is blank, the files will upload as standalone file items. If you write a message, the email will create a new item, with the files attached to it. In that case, the email message will become the item description.

We recommend setting the message format to Plain Text to avoid any potential issues.

To: contains your <username> account address, or <username> address of assignee.
Subject: Is the title of the item
Cc: Participants, a list of <username> users you want to add as participants to this item.

IMPORTANT: The email message must be sent from the email address associated with your account or one of your team members’ accounts. This is required, otherwise anyone would be able to send email to your address and spam you with random tasks. This won’t happen because you’re actually in control of who can send tasks.

If you want to be able to send yourself tasks from more accounts simply add those addresses as contacts.