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Proposal to improve archiving of completed tasks

(Neil Manning) #1

Is there any way that you could set the system up so that you could archive only completed tasks within each project to save having to do it to each individual task?

Also would be possible to have the option to archive completed items within a date range - for example 1-29 Feb etc?

(Roman Roan) #2

Hi Neil,
We do plan to add Archive completed tasks within the project in the future.
Regarding archiving completed items within date range - it’s quite specific request and I did not see anyone else requesting anything like that. We may add something like “Archive items completed until month ago”, there could be some value in that.


(Neil Manning) #3

Hi Roman, thanks for the speedy reply. That’s great news and if you could enable completed tasks within a project to be archived then that would give me enough control to not need to archive within date ranges. Do you have any idea when this functionality might be integrated? (I only ask as manually archiving individual tasks is very time consuming when I could have several hundred to do every month!)

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best - Neil

(Neil Manning) #4

Hi Roman,

Is there any progress on this and any indicative dates that this functionality might be integrated into the system?

Many thanks - Neil

(Boris Stojsavljevic) #5

Hi Neil and Roman,

I will also be interested in archiving all completed tasks from previous month. I really don’t like to archive all completed tasks so archiving only ones up to month start would be best way to go. Or at least ability to select multiple task and archive them all at once.