Sharing Items and Projects with your Team

When you create or modify a task or project you can choose from a variety of sharing options. In this article, we will use task sharing as an example, but these settings are applicable to all sharing features available within hiTask, therefore you can use them to share tasks, events, notes, files and projects.

The default sharing permission is generally Private, although you can change this in your Default Task Preferences.

To share an item with your team members, click on the Share… field and select Everyone and/or specific people to share with.

To share a Project, select the Projects view, then click Edit, underneath your desired project. Under the Sharing section, you can now set your Project sharing preferences.

The instructions below apply \to individual Items (tasks, events, files); as well as to Projects.

##Sharing with specific team members.

If you don’t want a task to be seen by all your team members, do not add Everyone to the Sharing list and only add the people who you want to be able to access the item.

This way, the item or project will only be accessible to selected members of your team. Other team members will not see the task or project in their hiTask account.

##Sharing permissions

You can also set specific sharing permissions for each person who can see your shared item/project: This allows you to specify if team members are able to only view the shared task or project, or if they should be able to modify or delete it.

To change the permissions of an item or project, simply modify it and click on the token to expand it Next, select your desired permission for particular people or for Everyone.

You can set the following permission levels:

  • View and Comment: Users will see the task or project in their hiTask account, they will be able to view the task details and add comments. They will not be able to do anything else with the task, such as to complete, modify or reassign it.

  • Complete and Assign: Users will see the task, will be able to mark it as completed or un-completed. Users will be able to use Time tracking to log time spent on this task. They will be able to assign it back to you or anyone else who can see the task.

  • Modify: Users will be able to modify the title, description, dates and other properties.

  • Everything: Users will be able to do everything, including to Delete and Archive it. Users with the Everything permission are also able to change sharing and permissions.

  • You may also mix permissions. For example, you may allow Everyone to view the task and only certain people to complete or modify.