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Starred Icon Only Accessible via Modify


(Allison Marx) #1

It seems that over the weekend there were changes made to the look/functionality of HiTask. I’m writing specifically in regards to the capability to tag tasks with a Star. This option used to be available from the main screen, with the star located right next to the check box of the task. I use this feature regularly in order to identify tasks that I need to focus on for each day, using this identifier to sort my tasks appropriately. However, it seems that this functionality has been removed from the main screen and the only place that I can now find it, is to select the Task, then click Modify, then Star the task. This is less than ideal and I do not consider this an enhancement of any kind. It greatly hinders my ability to use HiTask as a daily task management tool such as I have done in the past. Please consider changing this back and allowing us to once again Star a task from the main screen.

(Roman Roan) #2

Hello Allison,
Thank you for the feedback.

You can use other properties to mark tasks:

  • Colors - give you more choices than On/Off status of the star.
  • Priority - it fits your idea “what should I focus on today”

(Allison Marx) #3

Thank you for the alternative suggestions, but neither of those solutions would alleviate the extra steps of having to Modify the task to select one of those options. The beauty of the Stars as they were previously designed, was that you could quickly Star or un-Star a task directly from the Item/Project list. Also, I already utilize the Colors for a different layer of organization.

Thank You.

(Brian Lawrence) #4


I agree that the removal of the star from the main screen has impacted my productivity as well. I regularly used the star to keep track of my daily tasks. I use colors / projects in a similar way that Alison does.

My suggestion is to make the star feature an optional setting to show / not show on the main screen. Making it so I need to modify a task to star it adds extra clicks. It took me a good 15 minutes to figure out where the star went… at first I thought the functionality was complete removed. I am glad it is still there but would love to have it back on the main screen.

I wonder what strategies other users use for their daily todos. If you have any insight into that, that would be helpful.


(Allison Marx) #5

I noticed some movement to improve this feature a few days ago. The stars have returned to the main screen/list, at least for the items that are actually starred at the time (thank you!!). However, the stars are still not actionable. You still need to go in through the Modify function in order to star/unstar an item. I appreciate that I can now see (and sort) by those items that are starred, but would still more appreciate having the functionality back to star/unstar and item from the main screen/list.

For perspective, it takes me 4 clicks to star/unstar an item with the current configuration (5, if you count scrolling down before you can click Save), as opposed to only 1 click when the stars were actionable from the main screen/list. Thanks!!

(Brian Lawrence) #6

Yes 4 clicks. Looks like this is the new behavior going forward :frowning: I miss my one click.

(Jenifer) #7

I also miss the Star Icon. I can’t seem to locate even by going into modify. Our other team members would like for it to return as well. In the meantime we are using the High priority, but having easy access by clicking an item was much preferred. Thank you!