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Syncing with Microsoft Outlook


(Roman Roan) #1

Simply follow the steps below to sync your Hitask account to Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Sign into Hitask using your account credentials
  2. Click the Data menu
  3. Click the MS Outlook Sync tab
  4. Select “Download Outlook Add-in” - browser will ask you to download “exe” installer. Your browser will ask you to download an “.exe” installer.
  5. Close Microsoft Outlook if you have it open
  6. Install the add-in just like any other Windows application
  7. Open Microsoft Outlook
  8. You should now be able to find the Hitask Synchronizer tab in the Office Ribbon Menu
  9. Click Synchronization Profiles. Click Green Plus button - Select “Generic CalDAV/CardDAV” - Ok
  10. In the Name field enter . In the Outlook folder create new Calendar to sync or select any desired, except default ones.
  11. Enter your Hitask account Username, Password, Email address below. Select desired Synchronization Mode and interval.

(Nicole Bua) #3

How do we sync outlook emails into HiTask?