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Task/Item Grouping Options

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The tabs at the top of your screen represent different views, which you can use to group your hiTask items.

Click on the view tabs to see your tasks from different perspectives:

###1. Today
The items in this view are scheduled for the current day.

2. All Items

Arrange items according to your own preference. Use the drag handle to move items up or down.
For instance, you can move the more important items to the top, and the less important ones to the bottom. This area will also display your starred items, under a separate section, called Starred.

###3. Overdue
Here is where you can see items that are not yet completed and have passed their due date.

###4. By Date
This allows you to view your items in chronological order. Items will be arranged in the following groups:

  • Today: Items scheduled for today
  • Tomorrow: Items scheduled for tomorrow
  • During week: Items scheduled within 7 days from today. That may be this week or next week.
  • After week: Any other future items

Items with no associated date will be displayed at the bottom.

###5. Calendar
The Calendar allows you to comprehensively view your items by date and time, in a simple calendar view that can be synced to other calendar tools. In this view, your left side calendar area will not be displayed, in order to allow you to have a larger, more detailed overview of your items and their scheduling.

###6. By Project
his view allows you to organize items inside relevant projects. Click on the project to expand it and see what items are in it. Drag and drop tasks around in and out of projects. Items that have not been included into a Project will be displayed at the bottom.

###7. By Color
This view groups your items according to the color label you set for them. Items that have no color label will be displayed at the bottom.

###8. By Team
In this view, tasks are grouped by the team member they are assigned to.
Each team member who has assigned items is represented as a group. In this view you can drag and drop items between people as well.

###9. By Activty
The Activity view shows you all of the activities that your team members have performed within hiTask. Activities range from logging in/out, modifying tasks or projects, attaching files, etc. Currently, this view does not provide any grouping options and activities are grouped descendingly, by date. Learn more about team activity monitoring.

###10. More
The More tab, the last one in the list of views, allows you to turn views on and off.

####Show/Hide Tabs
If your hiTask does not display all of these views, click 10 - the More button and check the views that you want to have listed. Unchecked views will be hidden from your tab list.

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