Team Account FAQ

Can I choose who can edit tasks and who can complete them?

You can set permissions for tasks and projects. Choose which tasks and projects you want to allow team members to modify. You can allow team member to modify or only to complete or only view.
​You can set different permissions for different tasks for different team members.

Can I create multiple teams?

With hiTask, you don’t need to create multiple teams. You can simply share your tasks and projects with your team members directly. Here is how you can do this for Tasks and Projects. (Please see the Sharing Preferences section of each article!)

How does the Team Account registration work?

The Team account is registered by one person, the Team account owner. The owner then invites other users to their Team account and manages all aspects related to it. All of the users who have been invited to the Team account have full access to the HiTask Team and Premium features.

Who is the Team account administrator.?

The Team account owner and administrator is the person who purchased the account. This person is responsible for making payments for account renewals and for adding/removing users in the team.

When I upgrade to a Team account, will everyone be able to see all of my tasks and projects?

Yes, with a HiTask Team account, you are able to set tasks and projects to Private or Shared. Shared items are visible to all of the team members that you choose to share with. Private items are visible only to you, or the person you assign it to.

Is it possible for multiple users in the team to be administrators?

Not right now, but keep an eye for it! The feature is coming soon.

How can I change my Team Account owner/administrator?

We can change the owner for you. To do that, please send a request from the team account owner using the “Support” link at the top of your hiTask Dashboard, or the Contact Us links. Please, specify the user account (email address) of the user who you want to become the new team account owner.

##When I upgrade to a Team account, do my contacts join my Team automatically?

When you upgrade from a Personal Free account, your contacts do not become members of your Team account automatically. You need to invite them to your Team. Until they join your Team they have their own Personal accounts and forcing them to join your Team account without an invitation would be a violation of their privacy.

To invite them, click on their name on the right side of your screen and select “Add to Team”.

##When a team member leaves or is removed, what happens to their tasks?

Shared tasks created by removed team members will remain in your team account. The tasks that are created by them and are not shared with anyone in the team will not.

Can I give people different privileges, based on my company structure?

hiTask is based on the principle of teamwork, therefore it does not base Projects and Tasks on a team hierarchy. hiTask allows you to add a main Assignee, who takes responsibility for the task; as well as Participants, who act as co-Assignees. There are also sharing preferences available, which you can use to allow other team members to view and perform actions on your Projects and Tasks.

For more efficient teamwork, we recommend assigning you tasks to the most relevant people in your organization, regardless of their position; as well as to use the sharing features to their full potential.

Please read the dedicated support articles for each feature:

Can I set up different assignees on different dates for repetitive items?

For the moment there is no option to select different assignees on different dates for repetitive items. You can set your item to repeat and you can add a main assignee, as well as Participants who can work on completing your Task. Read more about this and about other available options in Getting Started with Tasks!

Can tasks be re-assigned to any team member by any other team member (not necessarily an admin)?

Absolutely! Simply make sure that you share your Project/Item with everyone or with specific team members, then set the Complete and Assign Permission (or higher) under the Sharing drop down, when configuring your Task. :This way, your team members will see the task, will be able to mark it as completed or un-completed, use Time tracking to log time spent on this task. or to assign it back to you or anyone else who can see the task. Learn more in: Getting Started with Tasks (Sharing Preferences area) These options also apply to Projects.

What’s the difference between sharing a task and participating in task ?

​You can share with permission to allow Modify item. Participants by default only have permission to view and comment on the item.

Do you offer a non-profit team rate?

Please contact us with details on your nonprofit organization and your relationship with or your role in it.