The Advantages of a Team or Premium Account Compared to a Personal Account

  1. The Personal account is intended to be your personal to-do list. The Personal account does not support \task and project sharing, which is only available with a Team account.

  2. With a Personal account, you can only send tasks to one other user. If you are working with a group, they can’t see the “big picture” this way; only the tasks they created or that are assigned to them. Only tasks that do not belong to a project may be assigned to another user (contact). Tasks that belong to a project or the projects themselves cannot be shared.

  3. The Team account is designed for teams who need to share tasks and projects. All team members have access to shared items. A Team account doesn’t require you to share everything, you can still have private tasks and projects visible only to you or the person you assign them to.

  4. With a Team account, you don’t need to manage every single task; team members can work on whatever needs to be done, and you and your team can be much more productive. This is possible thanks to comprehensive features that allow you to set default permissions assignees and participants and eliminates the need for unnecessary management effort when you just need to get things done.

  5. The Free Personal account is limited to 10 Projects and 100 MB of storage. With a Premium account, you will have no limitations on the number of Projects and 1 GB of storage. With a Team account, you will have no limitations on the number of Projects and users with whom you can share your Tasks. You also receive 2.5 GB of storage per user license.

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