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Time and Progress Tracking


(Hitask Help) #1

With time tracking, you can record the amount of time spent on a task. The Time Tracking feature can be used by all team members and will track how much time each team member has spent on a task. The data related to time tracking can be used for client billing, budgeting or activity reporting.

There are two ways of tracking time in a task: Log Time and Timer.
Log Time allows you to enter manually the time spent. Timer runs and records time spent on a task in real-time until you stop it.

##Enabling Time Tracking

To track time for a task, you need to enable the time tracking feature for that task. To do this, click the Enable time tracking checkbox located below the start/end date, and reminder settings: Enter a time estimation in order for hiTask to be able to track progress on the task.

##Logging Time Automatically

To automatically log time on a task, simply find your desired task in the list, click the title to expand it, then click the Start Timer button to start logging time automatically.

A timer window will come up on your hiTask Dashboard. Here is where you can pause or stop the timer; or mark your task as completed.

  1. Pause
  2. Stop
  3. Complete Item

##Log time manually
To manually enter time spent on a task, expand the task and click on Log Time:

Select the date when time has been spent on the task, choose the person who has worked on it, then add the amount of time you wish to log. Click Save to finalize your settings.

Note: You can enter time in various formats. You may use decimal numbers such as: 0.5 ( for half an hour / 30 minutes). You can also type in: “hour” “minutes” “h” “m”, e.g. “1 hour 30 minutes”, “1h 30m”.

##Tracking the progress (percent complete) of a task

hiTask automatically tracks the progress of each task and displays it visually through the progress bar that shows how much has been completed - in percent. Both manually and automatically logged time are considered.

##Reporting Time Tracking and Task Progress

You can easily see the time log by running a Time Tracking Report on your task - Simply click the Report button in your task options. The report will provide information on the overall task completion progress, participants who logged time, the dates when time has been logged as well as the amount of time that has been spent working on the task.

This information is also being conveniently displayed underneath the task progress bar. To show the entire history of the task, simply click Show all history, at the bottom right of your expanded item window.