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Today's tasks in Overdue tab; tomorrow's tasks in Today box


Has anyone else started getting some of the tasks with today’s date listed in the overdue tab, and some of tomorrow’s tasks in the Today box?

(Roman Roan) #2

We are aware of the issue and will have it fixed soon! Sorry about the problem.

(Anne Stern) #3

Hello, any timeline on a fix? If it’s only a couple days away vs a month that influences how I plan to work with the tool. Thanks.


Hi Anne I I have noticed that, if you put a start time on a task, hiTask puts it into the right day. It only gets it wrong if you don’t put a time. I know this doesn’t resolve the problem, but it has helped me.

(Anne Stern) #5

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot. Incidentally, do you know (or does anyone know) what the date on the far right is for each listed item when displayed in the Today tab? It’s not labeled at all.


All I’ve got on the far right of that tab is “Today”,“Tomorrow” or the frequency of recurrence.