track time simultaneous 2 or more tasks

Please tell me if the hitask app can do:
multiple track time / track time record simultaneous for 2 or more tasks

Thank you.


Hitask follows the objective reality principle when one physical person can work on one task at a time.
Time passes linearly forward and each time period can happen only once in time. Therefore it is possible to record spent time on one task at a time for one natural person.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer.

In my opinion and also a lot of person who have asked in various forums from similar applications the one physical person can work on multiple task at same time or working at several tasks simultaneously!

some examples:

1.Sometimes, it is possible to perform a bit of multitasking. A task may require attention every 5-10 minutes, in which time another similar task may be performed. - Both tasks are billable.
An example is server maintenance for a client (or several clients). Installing and configuring updates, software, etc. - Often such tasks are “fragmented” and may be performed in parallel.
It would be great to be able to have an option in Settings to switch on “Track Multiple tasks simultaneously”, which enables several stopwatches in parallel. - This saves me from having to manually tracking it and manually adding it to the timeframe.

there are times when you do multiple tasks at the same time, as a human being and also helped by machines or coordinating several machines:
work tasks - printers (copy / print center), while answering emails, phones, etc;
home tasks: computer graphic work, listening to English courses, washing machine program, etc.

traveling (passenger) on working time (transportation, movement from town to town) even pedestrian, by car, train, plane while you are in video conferencing, learning foreign languages or watching a presentation, movie, news from radio, internet, tv, etc.

eat and read / learn / listen /watch at the same time

Can be many examples from everyday life.

There are some applications that cand do this: TimeTrack, aTimeLogger, Gleo Time Tracker, ATracker, etc but they are simple compared to HiTask performance.

In order to have a real report on the total time allocated to all tasks, simultaneous tracking of time from various simultaneous tasks is absolutely necessary.


You can simply run the timer for one task and use Log Time to record the time for any other tasks you want for same time period.