Troubleshooting Email Confirmation Issues

For reasons beyond our control, your email service provider may not accept confirmation messages or may be unable to deliver them. This is usually caused by an anti-spam filter.

You may try one of the following:

  • Check your email Junk, Spam or Trash folders. Your anti-spam may have automatically put the messages there.
  • Double-check the e-mail address you’ve entered in hiTask. This is a fairly common occurrence.
  • Add to your contacts / whitelist. With services such as MSN, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail you are more likely to receive the messages if our email address is added to your contacts.
  • Try using a different email address. For example, if you are not able to receive hiTask email in your Hotmail account, try using your Gmail address.

We recommend Gmail as the most reliable email service, there are no reported issues receiving hiTask emails with Gmail accounts.