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Using Tags to Categorize Tasks/Items

(Hitask Help) #1

What are Tags, and how to use them?

Tags are simple text labels that you can attach to your hiTask items.

By attaching relevant Tags to your items, you can quickly find a group of related tasks, events, notes and files. Once you have some tagged items, simply click on a tag and you will see the items that contain the tag you selected.

Tags work regardless of the grouping mode you are in, bringing you an extra way to efficiently manage your tasks.

You can give items as many tags as you would like.

Commonly used tags

To get you started, here are some commonly used tags:

Location: (things to do at) home, work, shop, city
Context: work, private, errand
Priority: important, urgent, eventually
Difficulty: easy, medium, hard
Tracking leads: successful, promising, pending
Task status: in process, pending, need more info


Let’s say you’re travelling and you create a few tasks related to the trip. To group these tasks together, we will tag each task with the tag trip.

First let’s create a task:

In the Tags field, enter the word trip then add a comma or press Enter:

Click Save my changes to save your task.

Next, let’s create another task the same way as above, but with another title. For example, let’s create a Book hotel task.

To add an existing tag to your new task, simply click the drop down arrow to reveal the list of existing tags. Alternatively, you can type in the tag word if you know it.

Now you have two tasks tagged with trip.

On your hiTask dashboard, these tasks are mixed in with your other items, in the different views that you can choose from.

To view only the items tagged with trip, simply use the filter at the top of your list.

Another way to view items with the same tag, is to simply expand a task by clicking on it in the list of items, then clicking on the tag at the top. This will automatically create a filter with the tag you clicked on (trip).

To return to your regular view, just delete the tag (the word trip) from the filter box.

Try it yourself! You can add more tags and combine multiple tags in the same task.