Web application and platform roadmap

18.6 - Released in February 2017

  • New redesigned look, Themes.
  • Improvements in Calendar, ability to view calendar by assignee.

18.0 (Released January 2016)

  • Support for due dates in tasks
  • Project dates
  • Today and All Items tabs

18.1 (Released in April):

  • New improved look!
  • Tabs menu: choose which tabs you wish to see

18.2 :

  • Updated look.
  • Multiple reminders per item
  • Arbitrary reminders: Set reminders for a task even if task has no due date.
  • Unread item display
  • Item number identifier


  • Import tasks
  • Improved, dedicated Templates functions. Templates with relative time
  • Customer database, Contacts, CRM
  • More flexible recurring item options
  • Group chat. Multiple chat windows
  • New, improved calendar
  • Team productivity, performance statistics and reports
  • Team Availability (busy time) calendar

iOS app roadmap

Android app roadmap

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