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Working with Tasks FAQ


(Hitask Help) #1

How to move an existing task into a project?

Simply drag and drop it into the project:

  • Switch to the Project tab.
  • Expand “Items not in a project” or drag the item from the original project into the desired one.

I click on Remove Completed Tasks but some tasks are not removed. Why?

Tasks assigned to you by other users cannot be removed by you. Instead, when you use Remove Completed, these tasks will return to their original owner.

Can my team see all my projects and tasks?

Nobody will see your projects or tasks unless you assign a private task to a member of your team.

In a Team Account, you may select if an item is private or shared. Private items stay private and nobody can see them. Shared items are visible to selected team members or to everyone, depending on your settings. Read more about managing your privacy with a Team account

We use HiTask in a team and we don’t understand why we can’t see each other’s tasks without having to drag them to individual people.

With the Free and Premium accounts your tasks are not shared. You need to explicitly assign them to the other person. To share tasks and projects with your team, please upgrade to a HiTask Team account. See our plans and pricing on https://hitask.com/signup

Is it possible to have recurring items, like birthdays or weekly meetings?

While you are creating or modifying an item, look for the “Repeat:” selection below the dates. Note that the “Repeat” option will not appear until you set the start date.

Is there any way to invite a team member to an event?

You can send an event to a team member by dropping it onto their name in your contact list or by assigning it to them in the “Assign To” or “Participants” section in the Task details menu. Please note that in order to share an event, you need a Team account. See our plans and pricing on https://hitask.com/signup

Can I tag people in tasks and comments?

For the moment there is no user tagging option, however, you can add team members as Participants and they will receive notifications regarding your task. Read more about adding Participants to your task!